Cigar Literature

There’s something special about reading beautifully illustrated books about cigars.  These wonderful editions never fail to amaze me in that I always find countless bit of information about cigars that I didn’t know before I sat down to read.  I’m also amazed at the beautiful Photography and the results these artists can achieve in making my mouth water at the thought of smoking cigars that seem to jump off the page.

One book that I’m in the process of buying is, “An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars.”  This, so called, Cigar Bible was written by Min Ron Nee and first came out in 2005.  What I’ve been told and what I’ve read about this first edition is that it is a wonderful reference book and a must have for anyone with an extreme passion for Cuban cigars.

What I find so seductive about these types of books are being able to see and read about a lot of the cigars I haven’t smoked…. Yet……. There will be some I will never get my hands on and that makes the reading all the more exciting.  Some collectors have gigantic walk in humidors that have been photographed and put on display for all of us cigar maniacs to drool over and I, for one, couldn’t be more grateful

Many people have car magazines and put pictures of their favorite Ferrari on their walls to give them inspiration.  How many posters of Raquel Welch do you think were sold?  I’ve seen posters about fine wines, different shaped pastas, castles, rare guitars and even cheeses gracing the walls of my friends and family.  I just had about 400 cigar bands folded and glued onto a black matte piece of cardboard and then framed.  I have a very talented wife!

If cigars are what you love then you can find unlimited cigar art, magazines and information that will keep you quiet and occupied for the next 50 years.