Cigars And Baseball

For the last few days I’ve been having a difficult time tearing myself away from my DVD player and television as I smoke cigars and watch Ken Burns’ “History Of Baseball”.  This is an 8 part series that deals with the origin of the game and comes loaded with stories, pictures and film clips of some of the most colorful players that ever walked onto a baseball diamond.

In the early years of the game many of the players, managers and fans in the stands always seemed to be smoking cigars. There was even a story of a player who would have lit cigars in his pockets on the field!  Ha !  Through the first 5 episodes of this series I’ve noticed banded cigars, un-banded cigars of every length and diameter.  Many cigars were smoked with maduro wrappers which leads me to believe that many were NOT Cuban cigars but that doesn’t seem to matter.

These days you don’t seem to see the same number of cigars in a baseball stand but I know somewhere that there are a few old men in a home somewhere with a few cigars lit and a few drinks being handed out while these guys trade stories of baseball legends they might have seen play years ago when they were younger.