Cigars And Olympic Celebration

Well it seems that there are some that feel that our gold medal winning Canadian women’s hockey team have stepped outside the boundaries of acceptable behavior when celebrating their win.  Beer and cigars were consumed on the ice after the arena had cleared and I, for one, don’t see any problem with that when you consider all of the scandalous behavior that has plagued the Olympics in past years.  NONE of these women have showed any signs of taking performance enhancing drugs.. These women have NOT boycotted any games or cheated or…….. Oh MAN, this is starting to make me crazy!!!!!!!!  THEY HAD A FEW BEERS AND CIGARS AFTER THE GAME AND A FEW PHOTOGRAPHERS SNAPPED A FEW PICS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I would have been there I would have brought a loaded humidor and tossed Cuban Cigars on to the ice after their win…… I’m very proud of their victory and see NOTHING wrong with their behavior !!!!!  Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!