Consider Trinidad Cigars

Cohiba cigars have been known as the best of the best coming out of Cuba today and many die-hard smokers would agree with that point.  the come at a premium price but after getting to know all of the factors, including strictness of construction, quality of leaves and the taste and complexity, they are worth every penny.  I would love to own a walk-in humidor with 100 boxes of Cohiba cigars but, for the time being, I’m going to settle for the ones I have in my humidors.  Not hundreds of boxes but, at least hundreds of dollars worth.  All this being said of Cohiba, I want to reflect for a moment on the Trinidad line.

One of the myths surrounding Trinidad was that this was the cigar that Castro smoked exclusively.  Well, maybe not.. Castro smoked Cohiba Corona Especials for a great number of years untill just recently when he put cigars on the back burner.  If he has stopped smoking them altogether is really another question since we don’t see much of him these days and no one is really saying much about his habits.  The one thing we do know is that he handed out Trinidads as diplomatic gifts and in his personal autobiography he admits to not knowing a lot about them.  Well, so much for that bit of urban myth!

The first Trinidad I smoked was the Fundadores that became available in 1998 and, although at a bit of a premium price, became a benchmark in Cuban excellence.  If you take your time you’ll get an hour and a half of evolving flavors that won’t disappoint in any way.  I then started smoking the Coloniales and that soon became a real favorite of mine.  This 44 ring gauge cigar was mild to medium in strength with creamy flavors of vanilla and caramel that I couldn’t get enough of and so a few dollars went towards that cigar for quite a few months.  The Robusto Extra was a cigar I started smoking on special occasions. This slightly larger robusto was always, in my opinion, a real construction marvel and I never smoked one that ever had any burn issues.  The Trinidad Robusto T came out in 2009 and has earned top marks with many robusto smokers world wide.

i think that there will always be a place in my heart for this fine brand and I will make sure to keep many on hand in adminadmy humidor as long as I continue enjoying the finest Cuban tobacco