Cuban Cigar Small Pack

Big cigars, small cigars…. I love them all !!!!

Although I’m a lover of the larger ring gauge cigars, I have to admit, that the smaller cigars are perfect for those moments when you simply don’t have the time to kick back for an hour and a half.  Take last night for instance… I was out with friends having dinner at a great Caribbean restaurant in East Vancouver and a few of us stepped out for a cigar between our main course and dessert.  This was a bit of a cold and windy night but we found some shelter in front of the restaurant and about 40 minutes was all that we could take before going back in and ordering more drinks.

I had a Partagas Coronas Junior with me because I think that cigars in tubes are perfect for occasions like that.  It was a tasty little guy from an ’06 box and had aged nicely.  The others were passing around Monte 4’s…

After getting back home last night I went on-line and looked around at all of the smaller cigars that come from Cuba and felt really encouraged that I have years ahead of me to smoke a lot of smaller sized cigars that complement those moments in life when I have a short window of opportunity !!!!

Looking at the picture above, I believe that this is a nicely balanced little package of smaller Cubans that would keep all lovers of Cuban tobacco happy !!