Cuban Cigars And The Birthday Party

Yesterday I went to a birthday party for a friend who turned 60.. Yikes, we’re getting older and it’s happening very quickly.. I brought a few cigars with me, a few Romeo y Julieta Churchills and a few from my new box of El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supremes.. There were a few cigar smokers there and I turned out to be popular with those guys.

This was a surprise party and the birthday boy was quite surprised when he walked outside and saw almost 50 of us standing on his front lawn.  His wife told us to stand there because he hates it when people go on to his front lawn!  Ha !!  There was great food, good friends, cigars and music !!

The highlight of the afternoon was when a few members of the band “Chilliwack” brought out their guitars and started pickin’ and singin’.  In the picture above is my friend Tom singing with them and smoking, although you can’t really see it in the pic, one of the “Choix Supremes” .  It had been the first time he had one of them and I think he’ll be buying and smoking more in the future!