Cuban Cigars are not blended

Experienced cigar torcedore rolling cuban cigars

Experienced cigar torcedore rolling cuban cigars

Cuban cigars are famous for lots of reasons.

Two main reasons that stand out are:

1. The taste of Cuban Tobacco – Cigar enthusiasts and aficionados all over the world agree that Cuban tobacco is simply the best.

2. Cuban Tobacco has never been mixed or ‘blended’ with anything else (No preservatives, no taste enhancers, no fillers etc). When you are smoking Cuban cigars, you are enjoying the world’s finest tobacco in it’s truest and most raw form.

Within Cuba, there are several regions where tobacco is grown. Each of these regions is well known for their own unique Cuban tobacco taste thanks to different soil, mineral and water characteristics (Natural elements required to produce tobacco). Cuban cigars might contain tobacco blends from various other regions within Cuba, but never from the outside World.

Why not?

Well this is one of the few points that the Cuban people and the CUban government agree on.

The Cuban government has been very careful to not associate themselves with other cigar making countries. Mixing or Blending Cuban tobacco with other foreign tobacco leaves (Dominican or Mexican) will not only diminish the taste of a pure Cuban cigar but also the prestige behind it.

Strict trading laws have been placed by the Cuban government to make sure that this centuries old tradition is not undermined by anyone. Most of these ‘importing’ laws were placed 100s of years ago and are still valid today.

When something is as good and precious as Cuban Tobacco, it must be protected.

After all, it’s the right thing to do.