Cuban Cigars For The Beginner

Much has been written about the strength and flavor of Cuban cigars which can be perplexing for someone  who is just starting out in the game.  Quite often a friends of mine will ask what I think they should try first and I’ll give them suggestions that usually work out but now and then I get reports of a certain cigar I thought was mild as being too strong and powerful.  One thing for sure is that a cigar mellows out very nicely after a few years in the humidor and even beginners can appreciate their taste and not be overpowered by the strength.

I have a box of ’06 Partagas Series D  #4 that are mellow and rich but they are considered by most as being a stronger cigar that should be smoked after a heavy meal.  My buddy Jimmy, although a cigarette smoker, finds most of my cigars to be too strong for his taste but these D4’s are no problem for him.  An example of a medium strength cigar that Jimmy has no problem with is the Ramon Allones Specially Selected.  There have been times when he has had problems with the strength and said they were too much for him but I have a box from ’07 that he loves.

There are a few that I can comfortably recommend  as being mild and I’d probably start off with cigars from the Fonseca brand.  I’m not as big a fan of the Fonseca as I used to be but when I first started smoking cigars, I thought they were terrific!  I have another golf buddy that loves the Cazadores from Jose L. Piedra and is always very grateful whenever I give him a box, that one is a safe bet.

Now if this is a very close and dear friend of yours you may want to suggest the Trinidad line.  All of the Trinidads I’ve smoked were very easy to smoke and tasted smooth and creamy with a fantastic aroma.  These will cost a bit more, not that much, but I can guarantee that you’ll be getting rave reviews.

As days go by I’m going to write further on this topic, but for now, try these few suggestions and let me know how it all worked out.