Cuban Cigars In Order

Do our humidors and the shape they’re in resemble our lives and how we manage our affairs??  I think its possible.  I know friends of mine that have their lives in order, their bills are always paid and up to date.  They go to the dentist for check-ups, they watch their diet, alcohol in vast amounts does not enter into their ways of thinking.. Now just go over to their humidors and see what shape THEY are in….. Absolute perfection!!

I took a look at one of my humidors yesterday afternoon and noticed something I didn’t like… It was unorganized and had a few flakes of tobacco that had broken off from various cigars in the last few years.  Cigars were all mixed up and pointed in all directions and I had enough!!! I had to put a stop to the madness.

Sooooooo……. What you see above is one of my boxes of treasure that I’ve organized and will keep in this kind of shape as long as I own it… The cigars come and go but I think that if my humidor is in good shape then all else in life will follow……..

Well….. here’s hoping!!!