Cuban cigars rating feature added

Vancouver Cigar Company is proud to introduce the ‘Cigar Review’ feature.

Now you can join the Vancouver Cigar Community and share your thoughts about your favorite cigars (or not so favorite) on our site with other fellow Cuban cigar smokers.

So how can you start reviewing cigars?

For example:
You decide that you want to tell everyone how you really feel about Cohiba Corona Especiales.

1. Simply click the appropriate cigar brand (example: Cohiba) from the left sidebar under ‘Cigars by brand’.

2. Click on the cigar Reviews button displayed below – this can be found under the price of the cigar.

3. Add your review, your name and your email and press ‘Submit Review’.

That’s it.

Our staff will read through your review and approve it within 24 hours.

Each review must be approved to make sure no one is abusing the system.

Now you can share your comments and reviews, and discover new Cuban cigars in the process.

Welcome to the Vancouver Cigar Community!