Eddie’s Cuban Cigar Problem !!

This will be my first contribution to the Vancouver Cigar blog.  My name is Eddie S. and I guess it would only make sense that I would get involved in this site since I’ve been friends with the gang here and have been getting fine Cuban cigars from them for the last few years.  Vancouver Cigar has a team of the most interesting and informed individuals on the topic of Cuban tobacco I’ve ever met and sitting around trading stories with a good single malt and a cigar can be a very entertaining experience with these fine gentlemen.

Why was I picked to contribute to this blog, you might ask?  Well….. I’ve got a problem….. Simple as that!  I can’t seem to stop thinking about, talking about, dreaming about and reading about Cuban cigars. Not to mention smoking them.  I’d smoke 10 or more a day if I could but fiscal responsibility holds me back to 1 or 2 daily.  Never more than three unless I’m spending the day out on a lake fishing and 4 to 5 is simply out of the question unless I’m spending an extended period of time with good friends who need to get a load off their chest.  I go to my humidors, open them and gaze lovingly at the handmade works of art that sleep peacefully which leads me to daydream about the people who worked with this tobacco and wonder about the kinds of days they may have had as they were preparing these wondrous fermented leaves for the world to enjoy.  While I’m here I may speak about fly fishing, golf, music, world affairs or almost anything but I can guarantee you that I’ll try to make this about Cuban cigars and why EVERYONE in the world should smoke 1 or 2 before their time on our beautiful planet comes to an end!

Hope to see you real soon and…….

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