El Ray Del Mundo : Choix Supreme

Now and then you read cigar reviews and based on what other people think and say you make up your mind about a cigar you’ve never smoked.  I remember a few years back a few of my friends told me that these were a mild and bland cigar and, so for better or worse, I avoided it. Big mistake.

The school of thought is that this is a mild cigar that doesn’t really develop as you smoke it and maybe a good cigar for beginners who are looking for something on the mellow side.

I won’t argue that this is an easy cigar to get through but where you’ll find my opinion differing is that I believe that this is a complex Hermoso No. 4, not a Robusto, and will deliver more flavors than you may think!!  What you have is subtle flavors going from cinnamon to honey and, from what I’ve found, very good construction.

I firmly believe that in order to understand and know all of the cigars that come out of Cuba you have to smoke them… After you’ve done that you can give others advice!!!