Fonseca, The Light Cigar

I have friends who don’t really know a lot about cigar smoking, they enjoy cigarettes and whenever they see me lighting up a cigar they always ask me about cigars and want to try it all out.  These are usually the smokers that you’d naturally want to see trying a cigar on the milder side.

This is the perfect time to go to your humidor and pull out a few Fonsecas.  I say this for a few reasons.  First the mildness speaks for itself, the stronger the cigar the greater the chance that you’ll end up with the novice smoker having a terrible time and either he or she will go back to cigarettes for a lifetime of chemical additive flavors.  Another point is that the Fonseca is a little easier on the wallet, an example being the Fonseca Delicias costing under 10 dollars a stick.

If we remember back a few months ago, the Canadian women’s Olympic Hockey team was smoking the Delicias on the ice after winning the Gold.  Judging from the pictures, it seemed that they were having a great time and a part of me will always remember that pic whenever I pick up a Fonseca.  After a lighter meal the Fonseca is a perfect after dinner smoke that will lightly tingle your taste buds and take an hour or so to smoke.  Give them a try!