Get All The Love !!

Today’s post is about facing the facts.

There are only 2 facts to face.

Fact No. 1….. Cigars can sometimes set you back a few bucks  !

Fact No. 2….. Cigars taste good to the last drop  !

Well there you have it.  In my opinion I believe that there are only 2 relevant facts that we face on a daily basis and spending time thinking about anything else is just plain foolish !

I get accused of looking as if I have no class whatsoever whenever I stick a toothpick into the last inch or so of any cigar I smoke so I don’t burn my fingers.  I use toothpicks for every cigar I smoke and used toothpicks litter our house from stem to stern.  I can’t help it, I love how cigars taste into the final third and a quality cigar will taste good until there is only about 1/2 inch or less left burning.  I use toothpicks for any cigar from a Robusto to a Purito and without fail, I find myself in cigar Heaven.

My little wooden companions also come in handy whenever I find that I have a plug in a cigar.  I’ll usually find trouble with a cigar where the band is located and toothpicks never fail to ease the tension I feel when I’m not getting a good draw.  I’ve tried to use different objects to hold on to a short short cigar stub but the wood has a rough surface which holds on to the cigar without it spinning in your hand.

Some of you may agree with me, some may thing I’m foolish… I guess I just don’t care because I can’t discard a cigar that still has a few inches left…2 inches of prime Cuban tobacco could mean the difference of almost 15 to 20 minutes of pure satisfaction….Plus….. Like I’ve said before, if you take your time smoking a cigar and let the flame cool down, you’ll get a sweet flavorful puff of non-harsh, beautiful flavor..