H. Upmann Coronas Minor

Well since we are on the topic of smaller cigars in tubes, I see no reason why we shouldn’t also mention another of my favorites, the H. Upmann Coronas Minor. ¬†Yesterday I told you about one of my favorite little cigars, the Romeo y Julieta No. 3 but today’s entry has a bit more bang for your buck. What you’ll get here is a bit more strength and, although machine made and hand finished, you’ll still see good consistancy from cigar to cigar.

With a ring gauge of 40 and a length of 4.6 inches you should be able to find 45 minutes of smoking in your golf cart, boat or car. ¬†A real old school taste is what these Upmanns deliver and although I smoked a lot of juniors, I found these to be a bit smoother.. I’ve found that with all cigars, these age nicely and after their second year in a humidor, mellow out and reveal some beautiful flavors.