Have you tried the Cohiba Maduro Magicos?

It is astonishing to see that people who have little or no knowledge of Cuban cigars still have heard of the Cohiba cigar brand.

Introduced in 1968, the Cohibas have become the flagship brand of Cuban cigars. Originally developed as a personal brand for Fidel Castro, he would give Cohibas as gifts to Cuban officials or diplomats that he was entertaining, until in 1982 when Cohiba was granted worldwide distribution.

A new Cohiba that has been acclaimed the world over is the Cohiba Maduro Magicos. It is one of the very few Cuban cigars which comes wrapped in the very dark maduro wrapper, as part of the Maduro 5 series released in 2007. The Cohiba Maduro Magicos has quickly become a favourite among Cohiba cigar lovers.

The tobacco found in this cigar is aged for a minimum five years, before the ‘torcedores’ of Cuba roll it into a unique blend to make the Magicos. You will enjoy a perfect blend of sweet and strong flavors on your palatte with the Cohiba Maduro Magicos and they are known to be a very relaxing cigar that creates thick smoke accompanied by intense and pleasurable aromas.

If you are a true Cohiba cigar lover, you must try the Cohiba Maduro Magicos at least once in your lifetime.