Henry Clay havana Cigars

I’m not sure why but of all of the pre-revolution cigars that got lost in the shuffle and were no longer produced in Havana, it is the Henry Clay brand that really has my curiosity piqued.  The brand was named after American Politician, Henry Clay seen below:

As to why Henry’s name was given to these cigars, I couldn’t tell you but Julian Alvarez, who started producing these cigars in the 1840’s.. They were originally advertised as being mild cigars with a full body… Who really knows what that means anyways.  The more I smoke the more I see how subjective these descriptions about flavor become.

Who really interests me is Alvarez himself.  This is a man who made millions in the tobacco industry and treated everyone he dealt with on an even basis, making no special exceptions for anyone.  After leaving Spain he got a job at a cigar company and was responsible ( according to myth ) for coming up with the name of the company when he was at that young age. He stuck with the firm and became the president and cigars generated $36,000,000 each year.  Alvarez made millions but gave millions away and was a very much loved individual in Cuba.. Alvarez employed 1,200 people and made many of these people who were deserving and hard working employees wealthy.