High And Dry

There are different gimmicks out in the market that golfers believe that they need now, immediately and at any cost.  These necessities make up a lot of the excess weight that a golfer will carry in their bag from hole to punishing hole.  Let me tell you of some of the few that I can’t live without.

1)-    The red blinking golf balls.  I’ve never used them but I have had them in my golf bag for maybe 5 years now.  These are to be used when it is getting darker and finding your regular white dimpled sphere gets almost impossible.  This battery powered evolution of the golf ball has the ability to brightly blink on and off for 5 minutes after you’ve struck it with a golf club.

2)-      Another battery operated device that finds that sweet spot of a golf ball.. Looks like a space age coffee grinder with a removable cradle top.  You place your golf ball on inside this device, it spins at 10,000 RPM and then with a magic marker you touch the ball lightly and a line is formed around the ball letting you know that your drive will always stay in the fairway now.. Guaranteed to shave 15 strokes off your game.  Mine is always with me in the golf bag and weighs maybe a pound or so!

We have fairly short winters and quite often a winter can go by without any snow so we golf 12 months a year.  Instead of it being really cold and frozen we have rain so I’ve discovered an invaluable tool for keeping my cigars dry when I’m swinging a club.  Very affordable and I’ve even found different uses for, what I like to call, “my multi-purpose magic wand”.  Every Golfer should have one or even more than one in their golf bags.  Sometimes I buy up to 250 at a time.  I believe in keeping my cigars smokable in the middle of a wet morning !!!!

Ramon Allones Specially Selected high and dry!

Ramon Allones Specially Selected high and dry!