It’s In The Cedar

In the picture you’ll notice one of the best Robustos to come out of Cuba today, the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2. This 50 ring gauge, 4.8 inch cigar is a fine example of perfect blend, solid construction and flavors that vary from sweet to spicy without ever getting harsh or too much to handle for even the novice smoker.

But this isn’t what today’s blog entry is about !

Not long ago I bought a new humidor because of an ever growing collection of Cuban cigars and the first thing I noticed when I opened the lid was the strong odor of cedar.  This didn’t resemble the potent and powerful cedar smell that you get from American cedar which is used in linen trunks but there were some slight similarities in this humidor.  At first I felt a bit apprehensive about placing my prized possessions in this new glass topped box but after a few days of priming the cedar with distilled water I bit the bullet and filled the humidor with about 45 cigars.

A few weeks go by and then I decided to light up one of the cigars ( the Hoyo in the picture )that had been absorbing the cedar odors in it’s new home.  I detected that the wood had worked it’s magic on this fine Robusto and had altered, ever slightly, the Hoyo profile.  Did it bother me?? Not at all, in fact I know for a fact that the wood had given something to this cigar that it didn’t have before.  A fantastic woody edge to the great taste this cigar already had.

When I open this humidor now to check the moisture level and keep it at 69 to 71, I now detect a bit less of the cedar smell and more of that beautiful barnyard thing that we all love so much.  As months go by I know that every cigar will only get better and better, in fact I may move cigars around from humidor to humidor to see what kind of effect the two different intensities of Spanish cedar will have on my Cubans.