Makeshift Cigar Humidor

Quite often there are times when we travel and spend time away from home.  The safe warm feeling we all get from being close to our humidor has to be put aside but what about the cigars we wish to take along with us in our travels?  Many shops will sell you humidors that are smaller in size but I’ve found they just don’t seem to carry enough for, lets say, a 2 or 3 week trip.  I happen to travel a lot and along with my golf clubs and clothing I want to make sure I have enough cigars with me to smoke whenever I want.  How can you golf on a beautiful course in fine weather without a beautiful cigar?  Short answer, you can’t!  I have a 1 cigar humidor tube that I have in my golf bag and if I go out at night I have one that will keep 2 Cubans safe and readily available.

Here is what I use when I leave home.  I use a plastic box (Tupperware, rubbermaid or whatever you choose)  that has a small hole cut into the top to make sure that the cigars can breathe and don’t become over humidified and possibly damaged with too much moisture.  I then take a heavy plastic zip-lock bag and put in as many cigars as I wish to take with me ( I’ve had as many as 12 ).  The next item is a small pice of moistened terrycloth that I have tightly bundled with an elastic to insure that it stays damp for a length of time. Place the cigars in the bag which is always kept open , make sure the cloth ( or whatever you find convenient ) stays away from the opening and never touches the cigars directly and then snap the top of the box shut.

If this will go into checked luggage and get bounced around by baggage handlers at airports you may want to seal the zip-lock bag, pack the cigars carefully in your clothing and insure that the cigar’s wrappers don’t get damaged.  When you get to your destination you can then open the zip-lock and insure that the cigars stay moist. Happy travels!