New LCDH In Havana

Anyone traveling to Havana for a well deserved vacation usually comes back with precious Cuban cigars to stock their humidors or give to friends and family as gifts.  Those who do their homework before their trip are the ones who return with the “real thing” as opposed to those terrible counterfeits with second rate Cohiba bands, Romeo y Julieta bands and cheap fakes from Montecristo…. If I have any bit of advice for people traveling to Havana for the first time, stay away from EVERYONE who promises to get cigars for you at a fraction of the price…..

Imagine going to France and buying wine from someone on the street who tells you that his brother works in a vineyard and can get you a case of 1945 Mouton Rothschild for 63 bucks…. Second case, because you look like a really nice guy, for 50 bucks……  You pack up these 2 cases of priceless vino, get them home only to find out that all it is good for is washing off stubborn dried up bugs splattered on the bumper and grille of your car…….

You were sooooooo close….. You were in the city that cigar aficionados travel to once, maybe twice, in their lifetimes and you came home with your country’s limit of garden clippings rolled up to look like cigars packed up in second rate Cohiba boxes…….. You were soooooooo close!!!!!!!

With all of the outlets and opportunities in Havana where you can get Cuban cigars, there are less “authentic” shops than you think!!!! Be very careful and find out where the “La Casa Del Habano” ( government shops) are located…. THIS is where you will get the cigars that everyone talks about…… Tears of joy will roll down the faces of your friends as they smoke their favorite Cuban cigars you’ve given them… Gratitude??? You’ll get birthday cards, Christmas cards and cards for every holiday from these folks, when you do it right….

A new outlet in Havana has just opened this year and it is located in the “Habana Libre Hotel” at L street between 23rd and 25th in Havana, Cuba.  This is not really located in Old Havana but if thats where you are staying, consider catching a coco taxi ( pictured below) and go on a bit of an adventure….

The hotel has a Venetian tile mural, done by Amelia Pelaez across the front of the building…… You can’t miss it!!!!!!!