Old School Cuban Cigars

Today I’d like to go out on a limb and direct my attention to what I consider to be old school tasting Cuban cigars.  There are a lot of you who have been smoking for decades and will be able to remember fine fine moments you may have shared with a vintage pre-revolution Cuban and will be able to describe, down to the most subtle detail, how an old school Cuban cigar tastes.  What I want to throw into the ring is my opinion of what just a few of todays cigars coming out of Havana have to do with flavors of years gone by.

One example of an old school taste would probably come from H. Upmann’s Magnum 46.  I’m not sure why, but this cigar reminds me of the tastes and aroma’s I used to smell in my youth.  Uncles I had that were cigar smokers would sometimes let me taste their cigars which is a memory that comes back to me whenever I light up one of these corona gordas.  This cigar has light notes of coffee, leather and chocolate which stays pretty consistent throughout.

Another cigar that reminds me of flavors from a different era is the Juan Lopez seleccion No. 2.  This is a robusto that really took me back.  Cigar descriptions are sometimes difficult to nail down because your taste buds will behave differently on different days and we can’t forget that different people will detect different notes…… But….. I’m sure you’d agree that this medium robusto has a classic taste and feel..

Out of all of the cigars that come from Cuba there are many many that have the qualities I’m speaking about, but for now, I simply wanted to bring up a couple of examples..  Happy Smoking !!