Partagas Culebras…. Weird And Great

Last night I got together with a few friends and drank, laughed and smoked a few cigars.  This was a very relaxed evening and we told stories for a few hours before going home.  On my way to the car one of my non-smoking buddies called me over to his car and handed me a zip-lock bag with 9 or 10 Cuban cigars that used to belong to his father.  It seems that his father quit smoking and gave these beauties to his son, who in turn gave them to me. I have great friends..

When I got home I found that these cigars were in nice shape, very smokable and well taken care of.  I think that the best news was that there was 3 Partagas Culebras nicely twisted together and I wasted no time in dismantling the trio of cigars and lit one up.  This was a very very pleasant experience due to the fact that this cigar probably had a few years resting in the humidor and, although not overly powerful, was as smooth as can be.

The draw was absolutely perfect and had just the right amount of resistance.  Burn was perfect until the last third but gave me no serious trouble.   I’m going to wait for the perfect moments to ignite the final two.