Partagas Lusitanias

One of the benchmarks in the quality of Cuban cigars coming out of the Partagas factory is the Lusitanias.  Great care is taken when rolling these fine fine cigars and usually the best rollers are chosen to partake in the construction of these prominentes.

The full flavors of the typical Partagas profile come through in these beauties upon smoking the first inch and then they build in strength, but NOT harshness, for the full 2 plus hours you’ll smoke them.  I’m not kidding, these cigars seem to take forever to finish and give the Partagas lover all that he bargained for.

I remember first smoking the Series D No. 4 from Partagas and, for a while, went through quite a few of them before I picked up a Lusitanias.  My first impression was that I could recognize all of the great grassy flavors from the Robusto in a larger format which made me think, “Bigger IS Better” !!!