Partagas Series D No. 4

Of all of the Cuban cigars I smoke, I believe I’ve smoked more Partagas Series D No. 4 than any others.  It is a go to cigar that could be more consistent than most as far as taste, construction and draw are concerned.  I believe these are rolled at the Francisco Pérez Germán factory behind the “Capitolio” in Havana and they are becoming one of the most popular cigars that the factory produces.

Some of the Cohiba cigars are also rolled at the same factory and so that tells you about the quality of their workmanship.  Another nice thing about the No. 4 is the price.  These are a very fairly priced cigar and when you consider the care taken to roll them I believe you can’t get a better cigar for the price.

Another thing you’ll fall in love with is the taste.  Some consider these cigars to be strong but I think that, although they are beautifully balanced, there is nothing unpleasant about smoking them.  If aged properly for a few years, the end up being very smooth and mellow, with hints of herbs, coffee and spice.  Paired with your favorite Scotch, you will end up with a perfect cigar experience.