Por Larranaga Picadores No.1


Autumn is here and along with the glorious Salmon fishing I will be experiencing, I’m looking forward to the new cigars Havana will be releasing. The first new cigar I’m getting to try is the Por Larranaga Picadores No 1. This 2014 La Casa Del Habanos exclusive release is a Hermoso No 4 ( factory name ) at 5 inches long and with a 48 ring gauge. The band on the cigar is not the usual Por Larranaga gold and white but a throwback embossed red, white and gold.

This is a nicely rolled cigar, no lumps or soft spots and after clipping I notice only a slight draw resistance. Pre-light draw is musky and herbal with hints of black tea and honey. First few puffs reveal a slight citrus twang with a cedar finish but his is just the beginning and I feel that by the end of the first third, more will be revealed. As I continue the first third I’m becoming very impressed with how this cigar is performing. The honey notes that I usually taste with Por Larranaga are in the forefront but there is a sweetness that I love along with a kind of toasted coconut and slight ginger.

There is a complexity appearing that I don’t usually see in a cigar this young, second third is starting out with a musky leather and dark coffee but the honey is still present and tasting great. The burn is razor sharp, needing no touch-ups whatsoever, which tells me that great care was taken when rolling this cigar. Por Larranaga is a brand I smoke a lot these days because of the consistency this brand displays, their Panetelas, Montecarlos and Petit Coronas are All spectacular examples of fine Cuban craftsmanship and all offer great taste but I get the feeling that as days go by this Picadores will become a special occasion cigar.

Final third is now building in strength. Notes of honey are still present but darker woods are appearing which tells me that this cigar is still young, aging will soften this flavour profile. When I let the flame cool in this cigar’s final third, I still can taste the musky sweet leather, this is so characteristic of the Cuban blend, I’ve yet to see much of this in a Non-Cuban cigar. I feel that a few years in the humidor will see this Por Larranaga Picadores become smooth, rich and elegant.

On a final note, the pre-light draw left a bit of tingling on my lips which told me that this young cigar may give me a bit of a nicotine jolt. I saw Nothing of the sort, I was looking and waiting for it, what a nice surprise.