Por Larranaga Regional Edition

Last night I had the great pleasure of smoking a cigar that really caught me off guard.  It was the Por Larranaga Asia-Pacigico Regional Edition Belicosos Extra.. This Campanas comes in a 52 ring gauge at a length of 5.5″ that was produced in 2008.  Since it had a bit of time in my humidor, it settled down to be a Pyramid with some very beautiful qualities.

Something that really impressed me was right out of the gate I was tasting Hazelnut which is one flavor I don’t get out of too many cigars.  Although subtle, it stayed with me well into the first third and then evolved into an even toasted tobacco with coffee notes into the final third and up to the very end.

Por Larranaga is a brand that I haven’t spent a lot of time with because I’ve always considered them to be a milder cigar, which they are, but this one had a complexity that usually comes with some of the other brands.  I’ve felt that any cigar can be great when it has aged the right amount, and for that reason, I’m not always convinced that a limited edition or regional edition is necessarily always guaranteed to be a superior cigar.  This one definitely lived up to it’s expectations..

If you can find one of these, smoke it now!!