Romeo Churchill for Breakfast !!!!

Rain!!!!!!!!  No golf!!!!!!!! AAAAARRRRGGGGHH !!!!!

Jimmy and I had a tee time this morning set up at 9:35 AM and this is what it looked like at 8:30 !!!

There are times when I usually have a great attitude and think that all will eventually work itself out because, after all, life is a gift and we are all winners.  Y’know, today I didn’t have that feeling !! The fact that I didn’t storm out of the house in a rage, tee up a few balls on the lawn and try to drive them into the neighbor’s picture window across the street made me feel that I was already victorious and thinking like a real champ so, for a little reward to myself, I walked over to the humidor and chose a Romeo y Julieta Churchill for breakfast.

I told myself that I’m young (ish) and have my health so I would eat something healthy after a few cups of coffee and this churchill.  I told myself a lot of things this morning and I think I covered a lot of topics as I smoked in the garage with the door open so I could see the rain cascading down on to the driveway.  Maybe it would let up and then I’d go and have a nice brunch at the clubhouse before trying to get out as a single in the afternoon but after seeing the clouds get darker and the wind pick up I quickly put that thought out of my mind.

Another thought entered my mind and I started to wonder if one’s mood affects the way a cigar tastes. Some will say that it does but I will tell you that I’ve smoked cigars when I’ve been elated and I’ve smoked them when I’ve been mad as a wet hen and I think this morning’s breakfast was one of the best I’ve ever had!!