Romeo y Julieta Churchill……. Smooth!!

This morning’s breakfast cigar, a Romeo y Julieta Churchill pictured above, was very smooth but the big surprise I got was how well it went paired up with the smoothie that my wife put in front of me.  The toasted tobacco and the blueberries, banana and orange juice seemed to be a perfect combination.. Man, that seems sooooo wrong, doesn’t it!  But….. Somehow it all worked.

I’ve never been one to smoke a cigar during a meal but after this experience I think that maybe I should be trying different combinations.. It seems,from what I’ve read on the “net” just now that there are a lot of different groups and clubs that get together for meals and cigars, so far it looks like meats, whether bar-b-qued or not get the big thumbs up from many smokers.  Italian foods also appear to work well together….

I see no reason to avoid any kind of experience that will teach me more about Cuban cigars and I welcome any comments about your favorite combinations! Thanks!