Romeo y Julieta Churchill

Went to the humidor today and noticed I had a few Romeo y Julieta Churchills with a bit of a plume on some of them so I chose the darkest and what looked to be the dustiest and, My God, what an experience.

I wasn’t expecting the cigar to taste like it did because I have smoked many of these but this one left me speechless.  It had a woody pre-light draw and as soon as I lit it I detected a real cedar taste.  This flavor stayed with the cigar for the duration but as it burned I was surprised to taste coffee and a bit of dark chocolate.  I can’t even remember how old these are because I’ve picked up this cigar quite a few times and, to tell you the truth, I probably have a real mixed bag of ages here.

The burn was even to the end and at no time did the cigar require a re-light or adjustment.  Great great construction.  I know I’ve spoke of these cigars quite a few times but all of the guys at “The Vancouver Cigar Company” agree that it is one of the top Cubans today!