Sancho Panza Sancho review

Friday night I asked Adam to pick my cigar for me.  He suggested the largest cigar I think I’ve ever smoked; the Sancho Panza Sancho.

Sancho Panza Sanchos Cigar

I’m partial to the Ramon Allones Gigantes and the Montecristo “A” when I’m looking for a cigar I can enjoy over an hour or so.  This one appeared a little lighter in color than I would normally want; right or wrong I usually look for a dark oily wrapper on my cigars as this usually implies age and strength in a good cuban cigar (but not always).

I was surprised when I lit up the Sancho Panza Sancho.  The flavor was very similar to that of the Montecristo and the draw was smooth and consistent.  For what appeared to be a younger box of cigars this one was quite rich, deep and flavorful with a light coffee accent to it.

If you looking for good quality both in flavor and craftsmanship the Sancho Panza Sancho is a good buy. The Sancho Panza Sancho can be found here along with the other Sancho sizes.

Review by – Shane