Slow Down !!

This year La Gloria Cubana is deleting their long Panetela.. Partagas is deleting their Long Panetela…..Punch will delete their Churchills and their Grand Corona.  Rafael Gonzales will delete their Grand Corona.  Rey del Mundo will delete their long Panetela, Saint Luis Rey, their Churchill and Vegueros their Long Panetela…….


Smaller cigars are becoming more and more popular because of our hectic schedules.  That has me a bit concerned because one of my favorite cigars is the Romeo y Julieta Churchill and I’m wondering if I’m becoming a dinosaur.. Are longer, bigger cigars slowly moving out of the way so the Robusto, Petite Robusto and shorter cigars can take over?

If this is true, what size is next to be on the chopping block? I want to think that this is a temporary movement and that the Double Coronas and longer cigars that give you up to 2 hours of enjoyment will always be there when we decide that we have that amount of time.

Maybe we should just RELAX !! Learn to slow down…. Stop and smell the flowers…. I believe that we need to take the time to marvel in how a Churchill develops as we smoke it and give these wonderful works of art the respect they deserve.

Yeah, maybe this is just a rant but, I’d really hate to see a tradition of sitting down quietly after a large meal at night with a long, thick gauge Cuban go by the wayside!!