Specially Selected Flies

It isn’t even March yet and my friends and I are already booking our fishing trip to the north-central part of British Columbia to fish for giant rainbow trout.  Now when I say giant I’m saying that the biggest one we’ve caught was 16 lbs but that doesn’t happen every day.  We’ve all had days when we’ve been lucky enough to bring 10 lb. rainbows to the boat but even that is a bit rare.  What I’m saying is that they ARE there and we have the means and determination to stay out on a rainy and windy lake and keep fishing until it is too dark or too dangerous to continue.

Last year I brought a humidor loaded with a selection of Cubans and the Ramon Allones Specially Selected NEVER failed to bring a smile to my face.  In our younger years we used to fish in float tubes with a rod in each hand but as we get older I think we get softer and realize that beer and Scotch are an important part of any fisherman’s daily intake requirements.  Smoking cigars in a float tube was a bit of a chore, especially when you had to start correcting uneven burning cigars when a fish would take your fly.  Boats are simply easier and more efficient.

If you have any urge to follow our lead, try June.. Bring bug spray… Stay optimistic….. Don’t forget a camera…. Read up on fly-fishing in the Cariboo and be prepared for the time of your life!!!!!