Stocking Up For The Summer

Winter months can be difficult for cigar smokers.  I don’t know how much money I’ve wasted by lighting up a prized cigar on the deck in January and february and then shivering in sub zero weather all the while dreaming about riding around on a golf cart in June with my favorite robusto.  Since I’m pretty much of a cigar junkie I do it more often than I should but as winter months go by I see my supply of Cubans deplete at a rapid rate.  Sure, I go over to my buddy’s garage and we huddle around a gas heater with a cigar in one hand and a single malt in the other but we all know nothing can compare to the joy we get smoking away in t-shirts and shorts in the summer months.

It seems that at least 3 months is a respectable time for a fresh box of cigars to settle down and become simply delightful but when I buy them in August we’re looking at November as that target month and then out come the long johns and the cycle starts again.

The other day I went over to Vancouver Cigar Company and picked up a box of Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure # 2 and these are going to be a nice addition to some of the cigars I’m holding on to stubbornly for the up-coming golf and fishing season.