The Bundle Option

I’ve held off writing about this cigar for a great many months because if there is anything in life I wish would always continue, it would be that these would always be available to me.  The “Vancouver Cigar Company” has cigars from the Romeo y Julieta factory that are unbanded and come in 3 sizes: a Mareva, a Robusto and a Churchill.  These are very very well made, contain beautiful Cuban tobacco and on a good day I’ll choose one of these Churchills over many Cuban cigars on the market today.  The churchills taste very similar to the Romeo y Julieta churchill but I’d probably guess that they aren’t identical.

The price????? Very very affordable and once you get bitten by the bug, you’ll be smoking many of these, I think I’ve smoked hundreds in the last few years.  If you let them age for a year or so you’ll be rewarded with an unparalleled smoke for the price.

Just something for you to consider, thats all !