The H. Upmann No. 2

Well the Saints have won the Super Bowl and I’m feeling very happy for that team and the city that needs all the support and boost in morale that a win like that can offer.  I was out of town for the week-end and because I drove back to town was only able to see the last half of the game.  First thing I did when I stepped into the house this afternoon was go over to the humidor and, in my opinion, picked the perfect Super Bowl cigar to be my companion for this big game.

So much has been written about the Montecristo #2 but a cigar that has been gaining so much of my respect has been the H. Upmann #2.  This fantastic piramide is a very full flavored cigar which has the reputation of being a strong, if not the strongest, cigar in the Upmann line.  I wouldn’t say that it is stronger than the Magnum 48 or the 46, I simply feel that after a few years in the humidor it becomes a very well rounded smooth tasting torpedo.  Sadly, I didn’t ask the guys at The Vancouver Cigar Company what year this particular #2 was rolled and I really have to make a mental note to remind myself to stay a lot more on top of that but, what ever year this one came out, the years of rest have done it a world of good.

Chocolate and wood with leather would probably best describe the profile of flavors that I’ve been running into with this particular vintage.  Very complex and when I have the patience to slow down and let the flame cool, I get a wonderful creamy smoke.  Give these a try and you’ll agree that they’ll give you all that you’ll ever need from and “old school” cigar !!