The Heat Is On

These are the days I dream about all winter, all spring and in the fall.. These are the days in B.C. when the Expen$ive cigars come out of my humidor.


Because its a pleasure to smoke them outdoors, you get your money’s worth because the winds are low, the temperatures are hot and there is no discomfort other than a bit of heat.  I can handle that..

Tonight after dinner I plan on lighting up a Cohiba Esplendidos and doing nothing except wait for the darkness to arrive.

Golfing in weather like this is a real treat and cigars go very nicely with a pastime like that.. Once again, if there isn’t a lot of wind.. On the course I like a smaller cigar, but remember, I consider a Robusto to be a small cigar.. Fishing when its hot is also a great time to take the better cigars along especially if you have half a day or so to kick back in the boat.

I guess my point is that we spend so much time trying to find a civilized place to light up and enjoy a cigar in the colder months.  Those cigars are a joy to smoke but we lose some of the subtle nuances the tobacco has to offer when we are shielding the cigar from a biting wind and shivering rain.  These are the days to celebrate the best that Cuba has sent to us !