The Olympic Torch and Cuban Tobacco

I’m not sure if one has anything to do with the other but I’m heading downtown in a few minutes time to see the lighting of the Olympic flame in downtown Vancouver. I know that there is no cigar smoking events at the winter Olympics and maybe no cigar smoking at all in the buildings where the figure skating, speed skating or curling takes place …… But why not??????  Oh, what has happened to this fine fine world we live in?  The good old days of being a spectator have changed and gone forever.  Gone are the days when you could have a smoke in the first row of a figure skating competition.  Gone are the days when you could have a smoke while speed skaters are flying down the straightaway… And Curling !!???!!?… Come on now !!!!!!  I remember watching curling events where the skip AND the third were both smoking as they were discussing whether or not to throw an in-turn or an out-turn when removing a guard………….. What is happening??????

Well, I’m going to roll the dice on this one and take a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial, find a nice quite place beside a lamp post and light it up…….  This is MY town !!!! These are MY Olympics and it’ll be MY cigar!!!!!!!! Sometimes you just have to dig your heels in and make a stand !!!!!!