The Perfect Partagas Series D #4

I had a long busy day today and when I got home I thought maybe ordering in would be a good idea.  Cooking and cleaning weren’t real high up there on our list of fun things to do so, you know how it goes,  you have a drink or two and then the food arrives.  You wolf it down and after dinner it takes all you have just to get up away from the table.  Isn’t that always the time a pipe bursts in the basement.  Yup, thats the time all right… This was a special pipe though, sealed inside a wall made of drywall thats quickly becoming wet wall.

Now I know as much about plumbing as I do designing a new and improved automatic transmission for the space shuttle.   I try to find some sort of tap that will stop this water from running and causing more damage by the second, but no such luck.  I reach for my iphone to call the plumber, slip and end up dropping it into the lake thats forming at the foot of the stairs but quickly forget about that when my wife starts yelling for me to run into the yard because the dog has gotten a hold of the neighbor’s cat ( it has chased it and tried to eat it for 2 years and has finally caught it).

The neighbor’s 2 kids are screaming, my wife is screaming and somehow all of this has quickly become MY fault.  Of course it was my fault because I was in the basement trying to part the Red Sea like an idiot when I should have KNOWN the dog was finally going to run the race of his life and capture the prize, get first place and stand proudly on the podium while all of his peer group gathers round and places the gold medal around his neck as the theme From “Rocky” comes trumpeting out of the clouds.

By some great miracle the cat gets away and I run back down to the basement to see if there is anything  I can do.  Still nothing !!!  I gave up and sloshed back up the stairs and called a plumber who said that he’d be over right away.


What would you do ??

I walked over to the humidor and chose a Partagas Series D#4 from a box dated January ’06.  I have some that are from ’09 but this was going to take some doing to make me feel better about plumbing issues, a whole new relationship with the neighbor’s kids and what all of this was going to cost.  Did I do the right thing??  I think so!!  In fact a glass of Scotch went nicely to help nurse my wounds.

The wrapper on this particular cigar has a slightly oily feel and look and the construction is perfect.  I sat on the steps out back and completely forgot about anything else for an hour and 20 minutes.  It was a drastic situation that required something special to erase all of the darkness that swooped down upon me like a dragon out of a Harry Potter movie.

God only knows what will happen tomorrow!