The Weekend Cigar Smoker

I have friends who’s paths in life keep them completely occupied with missions, details and timelines that afford them far less enjoyment than, lets say, an individual like myself who lives life twice as hard, twice as fast and will probably come screeching sideways into my grave in a totally worn out body with a drink in one hand, a cigar in the other while screaming, “Yahoo, what a ride!”.

Those friends of mine seem to be content with blueberry smoothies in the morning as they get ready for their quick jog before work.  I pour a gallon of excessively sweetened coffee down my throat as I sit in front of my computer and read about the news of the day, the local fishing reports, the conditions of my favorite golf courses and catch up on all of the goofy emails my twisted and demented allies send me.  My friends then enter into the arena of battle in their high tech chariots as they attack the rest of the wild-eyed drivers on the streets of despair rushing towards their offices and places of employment where someone else is going to tell them what to do all day .  If I’m not fishing or golfing I’m tying a few flies, wiping down my golf clubs, tending to my humidors and deciding which Cuban cigar will accompany me over to the couch in the afternoon.

Now I’m not saying that I don’t have anything to contribute to the betterment of society, just the opposite, I’m a refined individual of many talents and fine tuned skills but while I seem to make sure that everyone else comes first, with the amount I smoke, I want to live.  Wow, don’t you just love the insanity of a statement like that?  But hey, this isn’t about me, this is Sunday!

Here’s to the person that finally has the time to sit back with a well deserved glass of port or Scotch and become totally intoxicated with all of the complex flavors and subtle nuances that fine Cuban tobacco has to offer!  Here’s to you!