The World’s Finest

I’m having a difficult time these days trying to decide which Cuban cigars are my favorites.. I did a top 10 some time back and I found that the Esplendidos and the Robusto from Cohiba were big favorites but I have to tell you that in the last few days I’ve been running into some of the best Hoyo Do Monterrey Epicure No. 2 cigars I’ve ever had.  The lads at The Vancouver Cigar Company have some beautiful No. 2’s right now and probably still have some from the same box I was lucky enough to pick a few from.

These cigars have been behaving like star students for me.  I’ve noticed that the ash is very white and the cigars have been burning very evenly, requiring no attention and touch-ups at all.  Something else I want to comment on is that The Vancouver Cigar Company keeps their cigars at a perfect humidity compared to a few of the other shops I’ve gotten cigars from.  They have very good quality humidors and have their product under vigilant care which means that by the time the cigars get into your hands, you should be noticing that, like the picture says, you’ll have the World’s Finest Cigars!