Top 10 Favorite Cuban Cigars

Now as I was thinking about doing this list I was thinking back over the years about all of the beautiful experiences I’ve had smoking Cubans and the thought occurred to me that there is no way I can have only 10 favorites.  Not only that, but there are days when I’d rather smoke a Hoyo de Monterrey than a Partagas but I guess I realize now that I just have to go with what I’m feeling today, tomorrow is another day and maybe I’ll do this again in the future.

1 )  Cohiba Esplendido– I’m sorry if I’m being predictable here but I simply haven’t found a Cuban I love more.  The construction is always perfect, draw is easy and the flavors are numerous, sometimes subtle and always outstanding.  There are many reasons why this is one of the most popular cigars on the planet!

2 )  Cohiba Robusto–  There isn’t a better Robusto out of Cuba today.  This is another example of perfect construction, color and complexity that Cuba has to offer.  Starts out with nuances grass and black pepper and then evolves into a beautiful sweet chocolate and coffee.  Outstanding!!

3 )  H. Upmann Magnum 50–  Number 3 was a difficult choice but for now I can’t think of a more enjoyable double robusto to smoke.  Almost 2 hours of pure pleasure with a grey white ash, easy draw, sweet fruity tobacco flavors.

4 )  Partagas Lusitania–  A majestic Prominente that is mild to medium in strength, starting off with a bit of an herbal peppery taste which becomes smooth and creamy as it burns.  2 hours of incredible pleasure!

5 ) Bolivar Royal Corona–  A favorite with many lovers of Cuban tobacco.  This fantastic Robusto is slightly more powerful with a definite earthy overtone that is full bodied and very satisfying every time I have the pleasure of lighting one up.

6 )  H Upmann Magnum 48–  This little blockbuster comes in at 4 1/3 inches and a 48 ring gauge.  Sweet coffee and dried fruit present throughout.  This is a new cigar for Upmann and I, for one, hope they continue to produce it for a great number of years to come.  A must try!!

7 ) Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure #2–  Well, since we’re on the topic of sweet I guess it’s time to mention this fabulous Robusto that has become one of the most popular from the Hoyo brand.  Once again I’m showing my hand by revealing my passion for sweet tasting cigars and this one has that in spades.  A bit more coffee and chocolate than the magnum.  Some would argue that I haven’t placed this robusto high enough in this list!

8 )  Vegas Robaina Clasicos–  I had the good fortune of finding a supply from The Vancouver Cigar Company that was almost 10 years old.  I couldn’t believe what the years of aging had done to this already beautiful cervantes.  This cigar began being a bit mild and creamy but then slowly got more complex revealing all of the “beans” including coffee and vanilla.

9 )  Partagas Series D #4–  Here again I want to put this higher up on the list and maybe next time I do a top 10 it’ll be 2.  A Robusto with flavors not unlike the Lusitania but with more consistent construction.  A bit of aging and this wonderful cigar mellows from powerful flavors to medium and, I’ve found, even mild.  Some would argue with me on that last point.  I have a real love affair with this one!

10 ) Trinidad Coloniales–  Here is a real finger burner.  Always fine construction, and always an elegant experience. This one has flavors of chocolate, a bit of leather and cedar to make it a perfect combination of tastes.

Now I want to say again, this is just how I feel today and I know as soon as I publish this post I’m going to be thinking about all of the Montecristo #2’s I’ve had.  And how could I not mention The San Cristobal de Habana, Juan Lopez, Punch ( there are so many more)….. It makes you dizzy to think about all that Cuba has to offer!!!!

Tomorrow is another day!!!!!!

Please leave a comment and tell me your favorites !