Trinidad Robusto Extra

This is a special occasion cigar for a few different reasons, the first being that it is a complete masterpiece when it comes to construction.  I don’t believe you’ll find a cigar that is more consistent, time after time and I’m guessing the fact that the brand was originally handled for diplomatic gifts tells us that a lot of care went into the production of Trinidads.

I smoked quite a few Trinidad Coloniales before I tried the Robusto Extra and the Coloniales were my favorite cigar all that summer… I took them everywhere….. THEN…….. I was given a Robusto Extra for my birthday and I was amazed.  The Coloniales might be a bit stronger, which I like from time to time, but the big brother is a very elegant experience.  The flavors are more subtle and mild but still all there, you just have to be quieter and more tuned in to get them all….

This is truly a cigar for special occasions, I’m always have a few on hand!!!!!!