Watch Out For Bugs

Tobacco Beatles, I mean beetles will finish you off, eat your cigars and leave you crying on the front step with all of your neighbors laughing at you and starting a petition that will get you hiked off the block.  You’ll end up in the country of a small piece of land with the bank knocking on your door, looking for payments as your children disown you….. And why you might ask?????

Because you let your cigars heat up in the hot summer heat and you turned your humidor into a nice bug nursery..

Havana House in Canada insures that all cigars that come from Cuba are frozen for at least 48 hours to protect against the hatching of tobacco beetle larvae that come from eggs which are probably in all cigars we smoke.  I wouldn’t worry about microscopic eggs too much since they are not much of a hazard and I don’t believe that there are a lot of them in the cigars we smoke but the summer can bring on some pretty nasty results if we don’t pay attention.

A few days ago I went into the garage and pulled out the Coleman camping cooler and set my humidors inside with a few ice packs to cool things down ( we do NOT have an air conditioned home ).. I’ll be doing this as long as the weather stays hot because I have been building up a nice selection of expensive limited edition cigars, Cohibas and cigars that are hard to replace….

I’m not taking any chances!