Wednesday, A 2 cigar Day!!!!

Not sure why but yesterday was one of those days when 1 cigar just didn’t cut it, I needed MORE !!!  Not that the cigar I started out with let me down in any way, just the opposite, it was an amazing experience.

Yesterday afternoon I lit up an H. Upmann No 2 and was thrilled beyond belief.  Trevor at The vancouver Cigar Company has a few boxes right now that are very beautiful.  I was lucky to pick up 5 of these cigars just before Christmas and every one has been perfect in every way starting out at perfect construction, beautiful white ash and incredible taste.  This was a picture perfect cigar smoking experience!!! The cigar lasted for about an our and a half as I watched a few episodes of Deadwood ( great series BTW ) and the cigar went along with the Wild West vibe perfectly.

After dinner I wondered if the Umann was just one of those ideal situations and nothing could top it so over to the humidor I went again!  I was going over to see my friend, Jimmy and look at his new irons he had fitted so I thought that the Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2 would be a good companion.  As you can see, it was a No 2 kind of day.

I settled into his garage on a lawn chair as he showed me every club… twice…. and once again I was met with a beautiful taste of Havana.  I’ve always thought that if there was ever an “old school” tasting cigar, the Juan Lopez would be it!  In my humble opinion I believe this to be a cigar with no shortage of leather flavor with a bit of cedar as well.  This cigar doesn’t evolve as much as others in the same price range but there’s something very satisfying and relaxing about it.  The 16 yr old Lagavulin, comfortable lawn chair and Jimmy’s stories and plans about how his game was going to improve also relaxed me a great deal.

It was just the kind of cigar day that we all dream about and some times the planets line up and our taste buds reveal how good life can be!