Bolivar gold cigars

This powerful brand first came about in 1901. Bolivar cigars are popular for it’s strong flavor, appropriately named after Simon Bolivar. Simon Bolivar was a celebrated leader who brought the gift of freedom to a lot of South American countries. The Bolivar cigar represents the strong personality of this great general.

Although the Bolivar is known for it’s strong earthy and creamy taste, critics sometime suggest that aging can really take the Bolivar Gold in particular to the next level. However, don’t let that distract you from the ever so complicated aromas produced by the Bolivar Gold. The packaging on this cigar is also very visually pleasing.

Many enthusiasts have suggested that they’ve felt aromas and very attractive smells from some unknown previous time. The smoke produced by the Bolivar Gold will literally take your senses to another world. If you prefer more Ligero (Ligero Cubano) leaves in your Cuban cigars, than the Bolivar Gold might not cut it for you.

As much as the taste is what some cigar aficionados literally gloat about and rightfully so, the construction of the Bolivar Gold has come under fire by some purists. That is why aging is highly suggested on the Bolivar Gold. If you like young cigars, than The Bolivar Gold is nothing short of a miracle. If you age these beauties in a humidor for some years, than prepare to enjoy one of the best cigars you’ll ever have.

The Bolivar Gold is for you if you want to experience the strongest earthy flavors that you never thought existed. This cigar is meant for those who don’t fear the unknown - and in this case, they say it’s beautiful.