Bolivar Royal Coronas For Breakfast

I woke up this morning ( no this isn’t going to be the lyrics of a blues song ) and went over to the humidor to see which cigar will accompany my morning coffee.  Cigars in the morning wake me up good and proper, that’s just how it is.  I guess it must have something to do with the fact that I smoked a lot of cigarettes with coffee in the morning when I was a cigarette smoker and that habit of nicotine and coffee stayed with me after I started smoking cigars exclusively.

As I looked into the box of goodies I saw many cigars that I just couldn’t light up, just yet, and so the Bolivar Royal Coronas was my morning choice.  I’ve touched on this cigar a few times before in this blog and I have to admit that of all the Cuban cigars I love, this one has got all of the others beat hands down with consistency.  Time after time I see this robusto is constructed perfectly.  I mean it, I’ve NEVER ran into a bad one and I’ve smoked boxes of them.  Maybe I lead a charmed life, maybe the Bolivar cigar gods smile down on me whenever I light one up but I’ve had very very good luck with them.

The one thing that is also present when I smoke them is their earthy flavors.  I run into the usual leather and woody flavors but moist earth is ALWAYS present and that’s the thing that I get with this cigar.