Jose L. Piedra …Another Great Gift

I have many friends who smoke cigars, some know a lot more than I do on the subject, some really love cigars but are just learning the in’s and outs and some smoke now and then.. The middle group is what I’ll be aiming my focus on today because although most of my friends smoke only now and then, I seem to have very good friends that see a lot of value in a cigar like Jose L. Piedra.  This is a cigar that is perfect for the winter for a few different reasons..

First the price.. Very affordable and anyone wanting to give a good friend more than one or two cigars for Christmas would do well to pick up a few boxes.  Another reason I like these cigars in the winter is that they don’t take as long to smoke, due to the smaller sizes and still offer fine Cuban flavors.

I have smoked the Conservas, the Brevas and the Cazadores.  If you would ask me which were my favorites, I’d have a difficult time giving you an honest answer because I’ve found that they have pretty much the same flavor profile but if you can get your hands on a box that is a few years old, you’ll definitely see an improvement in the smoking experience.