Por Larranaga Panetelas


To say that I was shocked about the flavor of this smallish cigar would be an understatement, but this short filler Panetelas from Por Larranaga has been, and is continuing to be, a beautiful cigar experience.  Smaller than a Mareva, this Veguereto ( factory name ), measures in at 5 inches long and with a ring gauge of 37.  I’m usually one who goes to the humidor and reaches for a larger ring gauge cigar, simply for the complexity, but I’m finding this cigar to be a lot more complex than I had anticipated.

First third revealed leather and cedar notes but there was something nutty about the flavor profile.  Second third, which I am almost finished as I type this, brought in full on hazel nut mixed with pure honey.  WOW !! I love surprises like this.  I believe that this cigar was completely hand rolled in Feb of 2010 and can’t help but wonder what a few more years of age will do to the performance of this beauty.  I thought that the fact that this is a short filler would give me a very flaky ash but it is holding firmly for over an inch long.  The draw DOES offer a bit of resistance but I’m getting clouds of sweet creamy smoke and any unevenness in the burn, when left alone, seems to auto-correct and carry on quite evenly.

Another thing that I like about this little winner is the price.  $7.42 CDN is a steal for something that offers almost an hour of prime smoking but I AM a slow smoker, I love a cool flame.  The longer I wait between puffs, the creamier and sweeter this cigar gets.

I believe that I have just found my new favorite small ring gauge cigar.  Perfect medium body cigar to have in the morning with coffee, not overpowering or too bold to smoke so early in the day.

Order a box, they are difficult to obtain but if you are lucky enough to buy some of these you’ll be taken on a journey that will blow you away!!!!!

Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra… Edicion Regionales 2008


There’s something about the color of this cigar that tells you that it’s time in the humidor since 2008 has been well spent.  The slightly darker wrapper here and there reveals that oils in the tobacco during the fermentation process have been subtly altering the color and presentation of this Asia Pacifico release.  When this cigar first came on to the scene it was a nice medium strength Belicoso but had a slightly harsh final third, something that happens to many young cigars, but all that has changed with over 3 years of rest.

Pre-light draw I tasted last night had an earthy flavor mixed with a bit of woodiness and the draw offered the perfect amount of resistance, there was no wind out on the deck last night so I was hoping for a perfect burn.  The cigar started out being quite mellow and smooth, even the first few puffs, but developed into a creamy caramel profile that stayed well into the first third until a bit of citrus started to appear with a wonderful barnyard addition to the flavors.  The second third revealed some cinnamon and along with the caramel I was in Heaven.

This is a 5 1/2 inch 52 ring gauge cigar so I expected to get at least an hour and a half of slow patient smoking and I came in at just under that time.   The aroma of the smoke was beautiful in the air and I heard a few comments from a few folks that, they too, loved the smell.  I think that the Gold band mixed with the silver and red striped band decorate this 2008 gem with a great flash and class, I always get excited about cigars that are rare and in limited number.

Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra 2008 Regional Editions for Asia-Pacific

Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra

This cigar has all the trademark aromatic caramel sweetness, cloaked in a shroud of complexity waiting to be discovered by cigar aficionados. Its size makes for a full flavored smoke. These cigars have a double ring band and are packaged in Cabinets of 25. Each box is serial numbered. Due to the limited quantities (7,400 boxes) produced, these cigars are sure to be much sought after by cigar aficionados and collectors worldwide.

The Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra can be seen here Vancouver Cigar does have limited quantities of these great new Edicion Regionale.