Habanos Specialist Exclusive San Cristobal Torreon Jar


A Easter Sunday without a cigar on the back deck just wouldn’t be right so I’m thinking that since this is a special day, then a special cigar is warranted.  This Geniales, or Robusto Extra appeared on shelves of Habanos Specialty shops in 2013 but this cigar which came in a beautiful pale yellow jar with an ashtray top was initially released in 2012.  Once again I’m relieved that The Vancouver Cigar Company’s status has been changed so it’s loyal patrons can have access to cigars which are usually reserved for La Casa Del Habanos outlets exclusively.


This will be a cigar that will last a while since it has a length of 5.9 inches and a ring gauge of 54, I’m expecting 1 1/2 hours of smoking time Easy!  Initial thoughts on construction were nothing short of amazement.  Perfect feel through the length of the cigar, smooth colorado claro wrapper, exquisite triple cap and after clipped this cigar, although firm, had a perfect effortless draw.  Pre-light draw revealed a mild mild flavour of hay, woodiness and subtle barnyard notes with a hint of black tea on the finish.  With two wooden matches I toasted the head and then ran into no trouble at all with getting this cigar lit.  First few puffs were very entertaining, I thought for a moment I was smoking a Trinidad with it’s cedar and spice but that was tamed down within a  few moments when a beautiful muskiness appeared letting me know that I was now smoking pure Cuban Heaven.

Cedar and honey seem to be prevalent in the first third, slight powdered chocolate appear as well but very slight.  I’m enjoying every puff and have to remind myself that when I hurry and smoke quickly a lot of the subtlety gets lost in the flavour profile, I have to take my time and keep the flame cool.  Quite often I enjoy letting a cigar rest in my humidor for at least a few months before lighting but this cigar has all of the maturity and smoothness of a cigar way beyond it’s youth.  The burn is razor sharp and I’m seeing that the second third is now letting me taste a bit of black coffee notes mixed with cedar and honey. None of the spice that I detected early on has re-appeared, only a sweet cedar base which is stubbornly staying in the forefront.


Entering the final third I’m tasting a darker woodiness in the flavour profile, the sweetness is slowing down now and a darker coffee is elbowing it’s way into the forefront.  Stubborn ash finally fell away and a perfect cone appeared, telling me once again how much care was given during the construction.  Since the Ligero leaves from the top of the tobacco plant burn more slowly due to more mineral content,  their presence in the center of the cigar gives you this cone effect when your ash falls off.  The end of this Robusto Extra’s life in the final third is as enjoyable as the first and second, no harsh flavours and no nicotine buzz.  The sweetness I experienced in the beginning is still there when I let the flame cool,  so much is revealed when you take your time.

Only 2,000 of these jars were released, this cigar will not last long on the shelves since I’m of the belief that collectors will be buying up most of what they find in shops around the world.  I feel lucky to be smoking this cigar and lucky that the weather is allowing me to have a perfect smoking experience!